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Amazon Web Services Developer Connection Newsletter #17

In this newsletter:

* Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) Generally Available
* Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) - Continuing Successes
* Announcing the Alexa Site Thumbnail web service
* Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog Launched
* Give Us Your Feedback - Developer Resources
* Developer Connection Reminder - Receiving Push Notifications
* Upcoming Events
* Amazon Web Services Licensing Agreement - What's Changed?

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS(TM)) Generally Available
The Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is now available in general
release. Amazon SQS offers a reliable, highly scalable hosted queue for
storing messages as they travel between computers. By using Amazon SQS,
developers can simply move data between distributed application components
performing different tasks, without losing messages or requiring each
component to be always available. Amazon SQS works by exposing Amazon�s
web-scale messaging infrastructure as a web service. Any computer on the
internet can add or read messages without any installed software or special
firewall configurations. Components of applications using Amazon SQS can
run independently, and do not need to be on the same network, developed
with the same technologies, or running at the same time.

Read the Press Release under "News Releases" at:

Learn more and Get Started:

Amazon SQS Resources:

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) - Continuing Successes
Amazon S3 has continued to thrive. La Nacion, Microsoft, and SmugMug
represent the breadth of companies choosing to use the web scale storage
offered by Amazon S3. Global enterprises like Microsoft are using Amazon
S3 to dramatically reduce their storage costs without compromising scale or
reliability. On the opposite end of the spectrum, small businesses that
depend on storage such as SmugMug are using Amazon S3�s benefits of scale
and cost-efficiency that were previously only available to large companies.
Amazon continues to use Amazon S3 for its own business as well, recently
launching new digital initiatives that store and retrieve large data files
using Amazon S3.

Read the full Press Release under "News Releases" at the following URL:


Learn about Amazon S3 Success Stories at the following URL:

Announcing the Alexa Site Thumbnail web service
Alexa Internet recently introduced the Alexa Site Thumbnail web service.
This web service provides developers with programmatic access to thumbnail
images for the home pages of web sites. It offers access to Alexa's large
and growing collection of images, gathered from its comprehensive web
crawl. This web service enables developers to enhance web sites, search
results, web directories, blog entries, and other web real estate with
Alexa thumbnails images. Including web site thumbnail improves user
experience by allowing end users to preview sites before clicking on the
thumbnail's associated link.

Learn about Alexa Site Thumbnail and sign up today:

List your AWS-based Solutions in the New Solutions Catalog
Amazon Web Services is proud to announce the launch of its new Solutions
Catalog, a directory showcasing the innovations of Amazon Web Services
Developers. Businesses, consumers, developers, Amazon Associates and
Marketplace Sellers can browse, search for, and rate innovative
applications built for them using any of our services.


AWS developers can also view the Solutions Catalog from within the Amazon
Web Services Developer Connection, and submit their own solutions at the
following URL:


Give Us Your Feedback - Developer Resources
Where can we improve to help you build on Amazon Web Services? Your
feedback is very important to us as we release services that you use to run
your businesses. Please take 5 minutes to complete a brief survey about
the developer resources we offer.

By completing the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for one of 250
$5 Amazon.com gift certificates.

Developer Resources Survey:

Upcoming Events
"Technologies and Techniques for Mashups"
Dr. Dobbs Journal NetSeminar

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
9:00 - 10:30 AM PDT
1 hour of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of live Q&A with presenters

Intel, Amazon Web Services and ElephantDrive have cooperated to implement a
mashup that improves the mobile aspects of existing Web solutions. Join us
for this free, interactive session on Making Mashups Mobile.

Register today at:

Developer Connection Reminder - Receiving Push Notifications
Make sure that you are immediately notified of new releases and important
announcements - take advantage of the Developer Connection's RSS and e-mail
notification features. To set up your notifications, read the announcement:

Amazon Web Services Licensing Agreement - What's Changed?
To reflect the general availability of Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon
SQS), we have updated the Amazon Web Services Licensing Agreement. The
agreement contains the general terms of use for Amazon Web Services, as
well as separate sections identifying terms specific to the use of Amazon
SQS and several of our other web services.

Amazon Web Services Licensing Agreement:

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