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   Friday May 2, 2008 | Spotlight on Pricing and Revenue Optimization | Issue 2255

Provider of B2B Price Management and Optimization Speaks Out
In the never-ending drive for increased corporate profitability, pricing is probably the most powerful yet under-used profit lever. This fact has not escaped the attention of Vendavo, a leading price and margin management solution provider growing at a breakneck pace. Find out why the market should take notice, and why the competition should watch out, in today's feature article.
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Pricing and Revenue Optimization: A Manufacturing Perspective
How can you add a 15 to 50 percent incremental margin to your bottom line? Through pricing and revenue optimization, the process of boosting business margins by either increasing unit prices or increasing gross revenues. Find out how your organization can become more profitable than ever in today's feature white paper.
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Feature White Papers
The Rise of Image-based Spam 5 Strategies for Improving Fax Communication Understanding and Managing Supply Chain Risk
ERP Issues for the Midsized Life Sciences Company Data Storage Encryption for Enabling PCI Compliance Insights on Subprime Auto Financing: Bumps in the Road
What Is Your ERP Solution NOT Doing for Your Organization? Sarbanes-Oxley: Internal compliance and security technology CRM Portals: Get Information to the People Who Need It the Most
Hacking Your PBX: 15 Ways to Make the Most of a Modern Phone System Rapid E-learning: Maturing Technology Brings Balance and Possibilities Penetration Hurts: Best Practices to Protect Sensitive Data and Achieve PCI Compliance
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