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Nike-Trump: $1 Stock to make you RICH

Immediate Buy Signal

3rd week - May 2008

PanGlobal Brands (PNGB) and Nike, Inc. have a VERY PROFITABLE common denominator: Both have the rapidly expandable branding structures that enable their logo-lines to dominate the universe of consumer-product sectors.

The big difference is that Nike Inc. has already become a global dominator – and had you bought 5,000 shares of NKE in 1990 – you would now own 80,000 post-split shares currently worth over $5 Million!


You’re NOT Buying a Risky
Start-Up with PanGlobal Brands

You’re owning PNGB at the “Very Start”
of a HUGE projected Growth-Curve

PanGlobal’s strongest indicator of a drastic growth-phase that can make YOU a stock-market fortune is the company’s rapid increase in revenues and new orders from its expanding apparel line. 

PanGlobal has just reported $3.2 MILLION in year-to-date revenues and $5.6 MILLION in new orders. Just on these revenues alone – the increase is approximately 2,000% higher!

Just like Nike began its total global dominance with a staggering sales uptrend in its initial athletic-shoe category – PanGlobal has entered that same early growth-phase with its high-demand apparel brands – and that means YOU should be buying PNGB now.

Of course, you know today’s Nike as much more than an athletic shoe company: Nike’s famous “Swoosh” logo now spans the globe in numerous product categories including apparel, sun glasses, fitness watches/Ipods, golf clubs, and much more.

Translation: Nike quickly parlayed its success in running shoes to become a $30 Billion global dominator with over $16 Billion in annual sales – and its early shareholders made an absolute killing. Now, PanGlobal Brands (PNGB) is Next – and this time YOU are “First-in-Line” to profits.

As I stated, “PanGlobal is NOT a start-up company!” This rapidly emerging name-brand company has already reported $3.2 Million in year-to-date revenues and $5.6 Million in new orders for its initial brands.

Yet unlike Nike – which already created $billions in early-shareholder-wealth – YOU can buy PanGlobal (PNGB) right at the “seed level” and own a piece of the next great American growth-story.

PanGlobal Brands (PNGB) is an
Urgent “Must-Buy” Up to $2

Once again – Wall Street has missed the initial upward indicators on one of my early-stage Profit-Stocks – PanGlobal Brands (PNGB).

And as always – that works to YOUR profitable advantage:

1. You buy the early “seed level” shares on my signal when no one else is talking about the company

2. Wall Street’s reactive buying drives the share-price multiples higher

3. You take profits in the upward frenzy and make another fortune

You should be buying PanGlobal immediately with a $2.00 ceiling before the company and this stock attract major market buying interest.

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Now, It’s YOUR Turn to get Rich and Richer:

Please review the coupon (below) for the Ultimate Stock-Profit Compass. This money-making device is designed for your independent implementation for years to come.

On to your next profitable trade,

Scott Fraser, editor
Elite Stock-Market Advisory


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